Saturday, September 24, 2011

Like-Minded Artists in Boerne, TX

Late last year I was granted membership alongside some well-known and quite accomplished artists in the Boerne Professional Artists group.  Previously, my association with them had been being invited by them twice to their wonderful fall show of fine art, the Hill Country Invitational. This show had, both times, been a marvelous time for me, not only because it had always been a financial success for me, but also because I had a thoroughly enjoyable time those weekends.
 I had countless fascinating conversations with the many art lovers and collectors who viewed our works, and then it was equally as rewarding to spend extended lengths of time getting to know the other artists.  I learned a great deal, and I hope I was able to encourage others and pass on some of my own knowledge and experiences.

To insure my ability to get into the next fall show, I began seeking membership with the group (after all, you can't really "invite yourself," can you?).  After submitting a portfolio of my work, the BPA graciously extended an invitation to join their group, which I did, enthusiastically.  Having been with the group for about a year now, I am enjoying their fellowship even more, and I am looking forward to putting on another great Hill Country Invitational the middle of October (

The weekend show is the perfect opportunity for those serious (and those not-so-serious) about art to view some world-class art, talk in depth with those who create it, and maybe even go home with some of it to enjoy each and every day thereafter.  You'd be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable way to spend a weekend in the Hill Country.

EARTH AND WATER, INTERWOVEN II, © Bill Brockmeier, All rights reserved by the artist

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