Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blanco Lavender Festival

The lavender fields and farms clustered in the Blanco, Texas area have suffered mightily from the nearly nine months of extreme drought, but you wouldn't have known it had you visited my photographic exhibit early in June. My photographs of private lavender farms in the area (taken last year just after an exceedingly rainy spring) showed fields of the fragrant blooms so lush, you'd swear you could smell them!

The festival drew thousands of patrons from across Texas, and beyond, who partook of the many lavender-based products offered by dozens of vendors. I exhibited my own award-winning photographs in a fine art show associated with the Festival.

Frequent comments from the appreciative art collectors and patrons who visited his booth were— "These are gorgeous!," "...simply wonderful!," "...incredible light and shadows!," "Have these been artificially enhanced?" The honest answer to this last question was: "As beautiful as these images are, NO, they have NOT been enhanced by artificially increasing the color saturation or other similar's simply the natural and beautiful colors of the fields."

New items available 

At the Lavender Festival, I also began offering for the first time, very high quality fine-art notecards. I print these cards using the same cutting-edge processes and award-winning panoramic images I use for my much larger framed works. The cards are available in sets of four or twelve, and include high quality envelopes sized for the cards. So far, the sets available include a Lavender Series, a San Antonio Missions Series, and a B&W River Sculptures Series.

Another item that I premiered at the Lavender Festival was an offering of my "Extraordinary Perspectives" panoramic images book. At many past shows and exhibits, I had this book on hand as simply a portfolio of the wide spectrum of work that I have done over the years. So many people had asked if the book was for sale (it wasn't at the time) that I have had a printing run done, and it is now available as both an open edition, and a limited signed edition.

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