Very Limited Editions

Bill inspects output from the printer, canvas media
My production/realization of the images I create is a craft that I take extremely seriously.  I believe that art, if it at all attempts to take the long and large view, should be crafted to last generations.  Part of this fine crafting should emulate what has been called archival quality.  All of the decisions I make in this process are aimed toward this goal.  By "archival," I refer to production processes aimed at producing art that is chemically and visually stable for more than a century. I am currently using Epson's state-of-the-art "4900" large format printer and its "HDR" Ultrachrome pigment inkset. I print on Breathing Color's exclusive and proprietary "Chromata White" and "Lyve" archival canvas media, and coat the canvas after printing with Breathing Color's "Glamour 2 Veneer."

I also believe that if an artist desires to attract serious collectors they should aim towards exclusivity.  This means that the art itself (its creative qualities) should reflect strong originality and uniqueness.  Further, its production should be very limited in scope (few copies– not mass produced).  This last aspect is what has prescribed for me a path towards very limited editions (VLE).  What I refer to as "very limited editions" is the production of my images on archival grade canvas, using archival inks and archival treatment and mounting processes.  Further, these editions are generally limited to runs of only 10 to 20 copies.  I will also be producing "extremely limited editions" (ELE) running only three or less copies.  Ultimately, I have plans for producing certain images in only a single, unique copy, parallel to what painters refer to as "original art."  

Bill mounting canvas on panel
The images that are currently still available in very limited editions (VLE) are: 

The only image currently available in extremely limited edition (ELE) is: