Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A New Art Venue in Boerne

The Boerne Professional Artists group held its annual spring show— the Parade of Artists— last April.  This exhibit is always a very intimate look at the work of each of the participating artists.  Most of the artists in the group have a local Boerne presence (galleries, etc.) where there work is presented to the public on a permanent/continual basis.
 The Parade is so-called because, something like a "progressive dinner" (you remember those, don't you?), it starts at one of end of Boerne and traces a path through town, stopping at all of the art locations along the way (thus, a Parade of Artists).  Since each stop is a localized setting with only one or a few artists represented, the patron has the opportunity and pleasure of spending extended periods of time speaking with the artist before getting back on the provided trolley and moving on to the next stop.

Since I had become a member of the group only recently, and did not yet have a "permanent" place of exhibiting my work in Boerne, I (and a couple of other new members) needed to find our own "Other Walls" in downtown Boerne on which to present our work in the Parade.  It was mentioned to me that the historic Boerne landmark, Ye Kendall Inn, might be open to sponsoring me with just such a venue.  I met with Taylor McClure (who oversees such events there) and was enthusiastically invited to show my work there after she saw a few examples.

GARDEN GREEN ON BLUE, © Bill Brockmeier, all rights reserved
I hung several pieces in preparation for the show (four large-scale canvas works and four other standard prints) in Tavern 128— the wine-bar's lounge area between the Inn and its attached up-scale restaurant (the Limestone Grill).  The room is a pretty fair size and includes a large two-sided fireplace and exposed century-and-a-half-old limestone walls.  The place fairly oozes with historic overtones. Taylor saw the work displayed on the rough hewn limestone walls and remarked that she would like to see my work hanging there for an extended period of time, if that were possible.  I responded affirmatively, and a deal was struck to have my work there indefinitely, which I would change out for new work on occasion 

So, I now have a more-or-less continuous place of exhibit for my work in the Boerne area.  As time goes on, I hope to work with the Inn to set up interesting opportunities for the both of us— special events and shows that have the potential of bringing in more exposure and business for both parties (stay tuned...).

The lovely and historic Ye Kendall Inn is located in the heart of downtown Boerne, at the end of the Plaza.  Over the years it has hosted such notable personalities as Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Dwight Eisenhower.  And the Limestone Grill has been a 10 time winner of Wine Spectator's "Award of Excellence."  Come enjoy a night at the Inn, have a glass of wine at the Grill (or a wonderful meal), and explore my work (and don't forget to take some home with you— I now take all major credit cards!).

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