Monday, October 8, 2012

A Weekend of Art

It's October, and the first hints of autumn in South Texas have arrived— last night was our first "quilt night" and this morning was our first occasion to fire up the heater. And this means that the Texas Hill Country Invitational is just around the corner. I always look forward to this show, and in many respects it is the highlight of my artistic year.

This year promises to be even more of a highlight as I and my colleagues of Boerne Professional Artists are making great strides to move this art show from a regional classic to one of national significance.  Previously, the art show itself was the singular wonderful event of the weekend. For the 2012 edition we have added numerous associated events to the line up.

JOYOUS APPLAUSE (fragment), © Bill Brockmeier, 2012
The weekend of art happenings starts on Friday morning with a "Paint-out." This is a collection of fine art painters who will be stationed throughout the city of Boerne– downtown  the plaza, the Heart of Boerne Trail meandering along the Cibolo Creek, etc.— and who will be painting "plein aire" (on-site) some wonderful scene before them.  This is quite an interesting treat to be able to observe an accomplished painter do their creative work. And as you walk throughout Boerne you'll be able to see multiple painters working in quite different styles, mediums, and so on. These works will be completed during this one day and then will be hung as a collection on a separate wall for the entire weekend of the show. During the show you'll be able to bid for your favorite in a "silent auction," with the results to be made known Sunday afternoon.

Friday night will see the opening of the fine art show itself at the posh new "Cana Ballroom" behind Saint Peter the Apostle Catholic church atop the hill on Main Street.  This night is billed as the "Preview Show" and is a ticketed event which will feature wine, catered hors d'oeuvres, live music, and most importantly, your exclusive first opportunity to select your choice of the incredible new work that is being shown for the first time by these top-notch artists. The event will be semi-formal-South-Texas, so put on your new blue jeans, shine yer boots, press yer best shirt, and don't forget yer steppin' out hat! If you'd like to obtain tickets, you can call or email me.

Cana Ballroom, © Bill Scheidt, 2012
In past Texas Hill Country Invitationals, a single, highly respected artist from outside the Boerne area has been invited to the show.  This year, we are expanding the invitation to eleven invited artists from across Texas.  Including the Boerne Professional Artists members who will be there, the show is featuring the new work of nearly forty fine artists who work in a host of various media: oils, acrylics  watercolor, pastel, bronze sculpture, stone sculpture, photography, ceramic, and fine art jewelry (I hope I haven't missed someone!). You are sure to find something intriguing.

Saturday morning really ramps up the art weekend with the public opening of the show with a "Breakfast With the Artists."  This is your opportunity to enjoy a pastry and coffee while you chat informally with the artists on the patio outside the ballroom. The patio has a wonderful view overlooking the Hill Country and downtown Boerne. This is a great opportunity to ask the artists about their work, and "what makes them tick."

The Patio, © Bill Scheidt, 2012
The morning then continues with another exciting art adventure with the THCI "Quick-Draw." If you have never attended one of these, you are in for a treat! The dozen or so artists who have entered the event will have only one hour to start and complete a finished work of art. You will have the opportunity to observe these amazing artists work at a fever-pitch. The artists will participate in several painting mediums as well as sculpture. Immediately after the event, each of the artworks will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, and you will have the opportunity to go home with a piece that you actually watched being created— from start to finish!

After the Quick-Draw, the main event of the Texas Hill Country Invitational begins. The show will extend through all of Saturday and through Sunday afternoon. These professional artists are known for their work far beyond Boerne and will be showing some of their newest work— most of which has not been seen before by the public. You will also enjoy talking with each of the nearly forty artists who will be able to fill you in on the details and background of the works you will be seeing.

While the show continues Saturday afternoon there will be numerous art-related lectures and demos in the ballroom to provoke your interest and deepen your understanding of art. These events will be produced by some of the artists in the show, as well as others from outside the BPA.

All in all, this promises to be by far the best and most amazing Boerne Art Weekend ever, and there will be something to keep you interested all three days. Make plans now to travel to Boerne and immerse yourself in what is coming to be known as the "Little Santa Fe of Texas!" 

Check here for a posting of the detailed schedule of times for the events I have mentioned above.

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Bill this sounds like a wonderful event! I'm very excited for you and everyone participating this year!