Friday, June 8, 2012

Conserving the Hill Country

A few days ago I had the opportunity to travel to the site of the Arts and Conservation project that I will be undertaking for the next several months. The location is a beautiful and considerable stretch of the Guadalupe River between Sisterdale and Comfort, Texas. The region is classic Texas "Hill Country" with its rolling hills, steep knobs, and rich river valleys with "pecan bottoms." In particular, this stretch of the river is populated by ranks of huge cypress sentinels arrayed below bare limestone bluffs.

Thistles Along the Guadalupe
© Bill Brockmeier

We met with the landowner and conservator of the property who graciously explained to us the layout of their place, and where I might find interesting subjects to photograph. She told us why they had acquired this piece of land and what it has meant to them over the years. They appreciate the unique treasure that they hold and they have made it available to me to convey some of its beauty to others.

I plan on visiting the property over a period of months so I can capture images during different lighting, weather, and seasonal conditions. I will make my first photographic trip to Sisterdale later in June, and will bring you some of the fruits of my efforts here.

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