Monday, October 17, 2011

Two Thumbs-up!

The 2011 Hill Country Invitational show was a very satisfying and productive venture for me. I have had the opportunity to place four new images of mine before a large gathering of people who care a great deal about serious art- and they have given me an overwhelming "thumb's up!"

Bill's exhibit at the 2011 BPA Hill Country Invitational
Although I changed my plans for the show at the last possible moment, the response has definitely proven that this was a good move. Each of the four images I exhibited has had its own turn in sharing the kudos. From the classic Texas Hill Country image of LAVENDER SHADOWS ("I think I can even smell the lavender fragrance!") to the abstract-painting-like FIRMAMENT ("I am absolutely entranced by those colors!") to the layers of meaning and weight in the OPEN INVITATION diptych ("These are simply grand compositions and I can't imagine one without the other!").

I was especially pleased that my last minute decision to show the diptych garnered the "Second Best" award in the show, as the show is only open to working professional artists.  Also, the jury was composed of multiple outside artist/art-educators who had to come to a consensus on the winners.

Second Best in Show award
Award winning diptych OPEN INVITATION

The opportunity to share with others my own thoughts about my art was wonderful, but equally so was the pleasure I received from hearing what others had to say about it.  So often other folks have insight into aspects and details of my work that has even escaped me.  It's always great to get some fresh eyes and minds probing into the dark corners and mysteries waiting to be uncovered in the images I have produced.

Bill speaks with patron about his work at the HCI

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Anonymous said...

Friday evening was special for us because we got to see your latest works. Even more special was your work being chosen by the four judges for 2nd place in a show displaying the works of many distinguished artists, various media, including other fine photographers. As you give our Creator the glory for your insight and talent, your family in Christ is doubly blessed by your art.

Allan and Karen