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This striking image of the facade of San Antonio's Mission San Jose is often mistaken for a painting (as are many of my works). Although having obvious painterly qualities, no digital manipulation or enhancement was performed on the image.

The vertical panorama explores the light, texture, and forms of the front portal facade of the sanctuary. The light and shadow painted around the sculptures by the descending sun pull out the third dimension of the complex curves and planes. The many sculptural forms carry considerable symbolism.

Although the magnificent carved stone facade itself is the most obvious aspect of the structure, the ancient faith of those who planned and carved it is most prominently displayed at the very tip-top of the tower and portal — the Sacrifice of the Christ (thus the title of the image).

This piece became one of the first very limited editions on canvas that I produced.  From its inception it has been a popular work and the edition is heading into the home stretch of selling out.

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